Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Update

Well, I haven't had a chance to write anything up lately, but I haven't really done anything to my car recently either. I am planning a couple of projects, and some routine maintenance items in the next couple of weeks, but nothing is set in stone.
I'm really waiting on a job to come around. I have a possible one lined up, and if it goes through then I will definitely be doing some intense maintenance and work on the car.
The biggest thing right now is the transmission. I don't know what its doing, but it's not shifting correctly all the time. Sometimes it doesn't want to go into 4th gear. I bought a filter and pan gasket, and as soon as I buy some fluid, I'm gonna change it out and see if that helps. The problem (I believe) was caused by a loose vacuum connection on the shift modulator (or whatever the thing is called).
The next big issue is the wearing brake pads. They need to be replaced soon, and thats an easy job.

The most annoying thing that is bothering me right now is the front end is out of alignment. What makes it even worse is that its been this way ever since I changed the loose center drag link on the steering. That was a while ago, and its definitely wearing the tires unevenly. I hope its just too much toe-out, and not something worn out in the suspension/steering components.

I have some other ideas for things on the inside, but I'll leave them for another post.

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