Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cruise Control Thoughts

While changing my oil, I inspected the rest of the engine compartment for any trouble or problems. I'm also still learning about this car, so I traced wiring and followed connections here and there learning about some of the wiring under the hood.

One interesting connection was the cruise control plug. It comes from the throttle controller at the front of the engine and runs to a plug just behind the glow plug relay. This would be a good spot to tap into the cruise control motor and manually control it.

My cruise control stopped working shortly after I got the car. Even when it did work, it was unreliable and surged with the blinkers on the interstate. I think the switch in the steering column is most likely to blame, but the analog amplifier is another common failure point.

Either way, I would like to be able to just set the throttle and it hold there. A load based cruise control, not speed based. I'm researching it now, and will have more info when I get it.

First step, figure out the pin-out for that plug under the hood. Second is to figure out the working range (voltage and current) of the plug and motor.

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