Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nearly a Year

Well, its been almost a year since I wrecked my Jetta. I know this because it was a week before my son was born. So that's an easy way to remember it (I won't say which is easier to remember).

Just thought I would post some of my thoughts on how my car is holding up right now and what I'm thinking about doing to it next. Generally, nothing is wrong with it. Meaning, I can drive it everyday and I don't worry about it breaking down. However, there are a few things I still need to take care of soon.

First, is the leak in the rear passenger floor board area. It pools water (as in sloshing around) whenever it rains any significant amount. This wasn't a problem during the drought last year, but now its quite annoying. I pretty much have to leave the rear floor mat out so that it doesn't hold water in it. The problem most likely stems from a clogged sun-roof drain. I just have to figure out where the clog is first. Anybody got any suggestions on where to start?

Second, the A/C is still not working correctly. Anything other than "Min" temperature gives me hot (really HOT) air out of the vents. The "Min" setting will turn off the hot air, but since my compressor is leaking refrigerant, I can't keep it cold with out putting a can of R-134a into it every two weeks (or less).

I guess I need to do a cost analysis and see how much I can pay to have it fixed so that its cheaper than buying a can or two of freon every month this summer.

PS--I'm writing this post using Windows Live Writer. First time using it, but I heard Paul and Leo talking about on Windows Weekly a couple of times now and thought I would actually use considering I installed it months ago.

Hopefully, I can post more than once or twice a month now.

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