Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall Maintenance

Just thought I would go over a quick checklist of some items that I'm working on today to get my car ready for the Fall (and winter) months. This morning was the first cold day since I bought my car so it got me thinking about getting ready for winter.

I noticed yesterday that a front tire looked low on air. I checked it today and sure enough they are all low on air. 25psi on three and 20psi on one. I'll be filling them up right as I leave work today. Also, I figured I should get around to fixing my windshield washer reservoir.

When I bought the car, I noticed it was out of washer fluid, so I bought a gallon from Wal-mart, and filled it up. Next day, no washer fluid...did I forget to fill it up I thought? Nope, when you fill it up, it just runs out with almost no resistance. It seems the grommet around the pump is shot (stupid 23 year old rubber), and won't hold water anymore. I thought about possible fixes, including a new grommet, but have decided that the easiest fix will be to use some gasket sealant compound and just make a fresh seal around the pump. I'll note whether this works or not.
Anyone else got a way to fix this quickly, easily, and inexpensively?

One thing I haven't really thought about is that diesel fuel can gel in the winter. This shouldn't be a problem with my car considering this far south (west Georgia) we rarely get sub-zero temperatures, but it is something to keep in mind.

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