Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm still around

Wow, two months since my last post. Work has been keeping busy, mostly I just haven't had the desire to update this blog any.

Right now I am in the middle of an experiment to improve the power and fuel economy of my diesel engine. Originally, I was using Lucas upper cylinder lubricant in the fuel when I would fill the tank, but I am trying Marvel Mystery Oil (as a fuel treatment) for a few tanks to see how the mileage and power change.
I have also purchased a bottle of Startron fuel treatment (I'll post a link to the site later) to add to my fuel to treat any algae that might be growing in my tank. I can bet there is at least a little of in there with it being a 23 year old car. Startron is supposed to break down the algae as it kills and not just kill it and let it fall to the bottom of the tank to clog the filter.
So far, I haven't noticed much improvement in mileage, but the car does feel more responsive. Acceleration is definitely improved, so thats probably why I haven't seen much of an improvement in mileage as I usually have my foot in the accelerator when I start out.

I am planning on posting some pictures of the recent projects I have been working on. One is just kinda simple, replacing some dash lights and brightening them up. The other is a little more involved and will require a little more work to get everything posted. It has to do with the stereo and getting the best sound out of it.
Stay tuned, hopefully not two months later.

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